About GrowthFounders

Being a Founder is one of the greatest journey's an individual can go on. However, like any journey there are always highs and lows. The purpose of GrowthFounders is to support business founders along that journey and help them successfully tackle the road ahead by sharing knowledge and experiences from others that have been there before.

A quick note from our Founder, Andrew Hardman:

"Running a business takes you on an extraordinary journey, which i have had the fortune to be able to undertake multiple times. However, like any journey it came with a huge number of mistakes and personal stress at times. The reason for this was I hadn't experienced certain decisions before and therefore wasn't sure whether my choices were right or wrong until I made them. Going through this experience, I realised the importance of having someone that I trusted to hold me accountable to my actions and guide me on my decision making. I needed someone to ensure the long term vision and goals I wanted to hit were achieved.

Post my latest exit, I wanted to create a solution to this issue for other founders, so they too could achieve their goals, without experiencing as much stress and make fewer mistakes on their journey."

Our mission is to:

Helping founders achieve their goals by:

Providing founders clarity

We want you to have complete clarity on your vision, your 'why' and your goals (both personal and business) (short term and long term). Why? Because it will mean you know where you are going and then we can help you make the right decisions and take the right actions to get there.

Helping to create more successful businesses in society

Support the establishment of more successful businesses in society, that creates value for the employees, founders and the general community.

Provide an Accountability Program that leads to founders success

Accountability and support is critical to founders who have to 'spin multiple plates' daily. By providing accountability it maintains you on the right path to achieve their long term goals. This will not only benefit the founder but the clients and team they serve.

Creating an actionable framework for success for founders

Provide actionable coaching, mentorship and frameworks that are based on real world experiences not just text book explanations.

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